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We're Charm-touch Uniform Embroidery and we're the place to shop for custom embroidery uniforms in Miami, FL.  We can monogram all clothing and provide fast turnaround of your order.

For employee dress, Charm-touch Uniform Embroidery will monogram shirts, pants, jackets, button downs and Oxfords. If your company serves the public, having the uniformity in everyone dressed in like garb gives your customers identification when they need assistance. And the sense of company spirit that comes from wearing comfortable clothing with an embroidered corporate logo can't be understated.

When it comes to sportswear or when your company deals with outdoor work, Charm-touch Uniform Embroidery can embroider caps, sweatshirts and work wear. For small companies on tight budgets who are looking for a tax deduction, the cost of uniforms can be deducted.  Please contact your tax professional for exact details.

For the medical profession, we can embroider doctor uniforms and lab coats and scrubs for the nurses.  Charm-touch Uniform Embroidery can even monogram security guard uniforms with a hospital logo for consistency throughout your operation.

If you own a restaurant and want to show your brand in every aspect of your operation, we can embroider your logo on aprons.  This is especially important where you have a buffet or open kitchen design and public sees the chefs.

Charm-touch Uniform Embroidery also knows how important school spirit can be heightened with tastefully monogrammed clothes.  We can embroider for your band, choir, sports team or any school organization for high school or college. Besides clothing, we'll bring your logo to items like tote bags and even towels!  What could be better than a rally towel with a school logo?!?

When your company needs custom corporate embroidery apparel, come see the professionals at Custom Corporate Embroidery Apparel. 


We'll get your logo design digitized and have your uniforms ready to wear in short order!

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