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If you need monogrammed items in Miami, FL, come see us.  We're Charm-touch Uniform Embroidery and we offer specialty embroidery services for personalized gifts for anyone and for any occasion.

Presenting a custom embroidered gift shows that you care.  Personalized apparel is always memorable and unique, and for every event where it's presented, people will be appreciative and thankful for a special gift.  Even custom T-shirts with specialty embroidery shows that you've put a lot of thought into the gift.

Charm-touch Uniform Embroidery offers fast turnaround on everything we do and we're the ideal shop for creative advertising. If you think about it, what has a greater impact: golf tees with your company name or a golf towel with your embroidered logo? Do you think a potential new client would appreciate a laptop sleeve with your name printed on it?  Or a stylish Oxford shirt with your logo tastefully embroidered on the breast pocket?  The power and impact of embroidery makes every promotional item something very significant.

Or for a wedding gift: would the couple like a gift certificate to a department store?  Or a set of towels embroidered with the bride and groom's initials?  Sure beats the heck out of "his and her" generic towels!  A monogram that has been carefully thought out, with a font that reflects the couple's taste, is testament to how much you care about them and the thought you put into the gift.

And of course what can be cuter than baby gifts like onesies, bibs and blankets embroidered with a birth date or the child's name? Charm-touch Uniform Embroidery has a number of designs that will make your baby gift unique and memorable. 


Your one-stop shop for custom monogramming is Charm-touch Uniform Embroidery. Don't forget our 10% off when you mention this website!

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